Oliver’s Story

Meet Oliver

Oliver was brought to PETSinc on Monday, October 27, 2014 after he was found abandoned on Mountain Drive (just off Bush River Road) in Columbia, SC in an area that has reportedly become a dumping ground for unwanted and discarded animals. At that time, Oliver was about 1 year old, a hound mix, and in spite of his neglect and condition, very friendly. Our vet’s medical assessment included dehydration, malnutrition, severe dermodectic mange, and a weakened and compromised immune system which caused his raw skin to fall off his body.  We immediately began medical treatment and placed him in foster care so he could heal physically, emotionally, and socially.  Now, almost two years later, look how far he has come! Click link below.

Oliver found a home!

Oliver’s happy ending is why PETSinc does what we do; but we could not do it without the loving support of our community.  Oliver’s recovery was a very costly journey, none of which would have been possible without the tremendous, generous support of our friends!  So, if you donated to his care, please take joy in knowing that you have done well and contributed to a miracle!

A big paw thank you!

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Oliver’s Friends

Sadie the Beagle

Sadie was abandoned in Fairfield County and taken in by PETSinc for surgery, treatment, shelter, and eventually finding her a forever home. She is 13 years young, spayed, but heartworm positive. Sadie had surgery on Saturday, March 18 to repair a prolapsed uterus and several other issues and now is ready for adoption!

Look at sweet Sadie now!!


Hearts was brought into PETSinc on February 22, 2017 from Fairfield County.  She had severe mange, was heartworm positive and was around 40 lbs. underweight.

BUT look at her now!!


Puppy Patriot was brought to PETSinc on July 29, 2016 by a young lady who found her running the streets of Leesville. At the time, she was around 16 weeks old and looked to be a Lab mix. She was diagnosed with Demodectic mange and was to have treatment for the next few months. Because of open sores, extensive loss of fur, and very red sore skin, she was put on antibiotics and regular medicated baths. She had obviously been through a lot but was still very sweet and friendly. UPDATE October 18, 2016 – Sweet Patriot has the run of her forever home!  We couldn’t have done it without YOU! (see below)

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