Pet Adoption And Its Many Rewards

When it comes to pet ownership, there are a number of proven health benefits for us humans. These health benefits include physical, mental, and emotional improvements that range from enhancing social skills to decreasing a person’s risk of heart attack. Here are just some of the reasons that you should consider pet adoption from PETSinc and why doing so might just be what the doctor ordered.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have reduced our adoption fee to just $100 for pets 1 yo and up through the end of 2017.  Some exceptions may apply (i.e. pets with high medical expenses, etc.) — please contact the shelter with any questions about which pets may be exempt.

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  1. Research from the University of Wisconsin – Madison has shown that having a pet in the home can actually lower a child’s likelihood of developing related allergies by as much as 33%. In fact, this research shows that children exposed early on to animals tend to develop stronger immune systems overall.
  2. Sometimes people have a hard time getting to know each other. Pets can be the common denominator that helps them connect. Although PETSinc does not suggest this being your primary reason for pet adoption, it can help be an ice breaker by using your new pet as a topic of conversation.
  3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have both conducted heart-related studies on people who have pets. The findings showed that pet owners exhibit decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels; all of which can ultimately minimize their risk for having a heart attack down the road. These benefits are thought to be connected with a pets’ tendency to help reduce or at least control their owners’ overall stress levels.
  4. Most dogs need to be walked at least once a day. According to studies from the Wellness Institute at Northwest Memorial Hospital, as long as you’re the one holding the leash, you can lose (or at least maintain) your weight.
  5. Not only does a pet offer unconditional love, but they may also give their owners a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose can be critical for someone feeling down. Pets also combat feelings of loneliness by providing companionship, which can boost your overall mood and even bring you feelings of joy and happiness. This is particularly apparent among groups including the sick and elderly. Many hospitals and nursing homes use Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) or Pet-Facilitated Therapy (PFT) programs on a regular basis.
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