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Pet Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition is important for a healthy life

Healthy nutrition is important at PETSinc. We maintain all of our animals on premium-brand foods because it is healthier for the animals to have a consistent diet and we have learned that it is less expensive to feed them a premium-grade high quality diet. Healthy animals are not only happier, they are more adoptable and that enables us to help more animals in need.

Read your pet food label

Read the labels! There are important differences even among “premium” brands. Ingredients vary in quality. Many other brands use chicken by-product protein or meat by-product protein. Chicken by-product protein can contain feet and heads. Meat by-product protein may contain no meat at all. By-product protein is harder for your dog to digest. Many foods use lard or “animal fat” as sources of fat. Often these are lower quality, cheaper grades of fat.

Cheaper food isn't always better value

In general, the higher quality the ingredients in a food, the more digestible it is. And the more digestible it is, the less you have to feed to give your pet the nourishment he needs; an important factor of healthy nutrition.

So read the feeding instructions on a bag of dog food. If you have to feed a 50-pound dog 4 or 5 cups per day to supply proper nutrition, you know that food is a lower quality food than one that requires only 2 cups per day.

You can feel secure with the healthy nutrition program administered by PETSinc. We use the highest quality pet food including Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic.

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