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Veterinary medicine is improving and changing with new research and discoveries. When knowledge and treatments become available to improve a pet’s quality of life, PETSinc wants to be proactive!

Alternative vet medicine rehabilitation and therapies help pets with improved and shorter surgical recovery time (and in some cases may even eliminate surgery), osteoarthritic diseases, obesity, injuries, chronic pain, and more…drug-free.


Hydrotherapy uses water to help rehabilitate injuries your dog might have and to also relieve pain. It’s especially beneficial for dogs who have conditions such as a torn ACL, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, arthritis, or dogs who have been paralyzed or lost a limb.

Hydrotherapy uses buoyancy, resistance, viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure to help a dog move the injured joints they are trying to rehabilitate. This type of therapy works because, essentially, you provide weightless physical therapy and remove the added pressure of gravity.

Your dog’s buoyancy in water reduces the stress on their joints as they try to recover from their condition. This type of therapy is also a natural anti-inflammatory due to its ability to reduce swelling in body tissues.

Laser therapy

Veterinary laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free and drug-free treatment that is used to treat a variety of conditions, and can be performed in conjunction with existing treatments. Laser treatment for dogs employs deep-penetrating light to promote a chain of chemical reactions known as photobiostimulation. This process helps relieve pain through the release of endorphins, and it stimulates injured cells to heal at an accelerated pace.

Laser Therapy can be used to treat a multitude of ailments, including:

  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
  • Post-surgical and soft tissue trauma
  • Back pain
  • Hot Spots and open wounds
  • Arthritis / hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative disc disease

Pets who undergo acupuncture may experience:

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief due to a release of hormones
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Nerve stimulation


Acupuncture may be defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. Each acupuncture point has specific actions when stimulated.

This technique has been used in veterinary practice in China for thousands of years to treat many ailments. The Chinese also use acupuncture as preventative medicine. Acupuncture is used all around the world, either along or in conjunction with Western medicine, to treat a wide variety of conditions in every species of animal.

Clinical research has been conducted showing positive results in the treatment of both animals and humans, and the use of acupuncture is increasing.

Acupuncture will not cure every condition, but it can work very well when it is indicated.


Animal Chiropractic is a field of animal health care that focuses on the preservation and health of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Why?

Nerves control everything that happens in your animals. Anything adversely affecting the nervous system will have detrimental effects that will resonate throughout the entire body.

The command centers of the nervous system are the brain and spinal cord which are protected by the spine. The spine is a complex framework of bones (vertebra), ligaments, muscles and nerves. If the movement and biomechanics of the vertebra become dysfunctional, they can interfere with the performance of the nerves that are branching off of the spinal cord and going to the all of the muscles and organs. As this occurs, your animal can lose normal mobility; resulting in stiffness, tension, pain and even organ dysfunction.

Additionally, when normal movement is affected, and left unattended, it will ultimately impact your animal’s entire wellbeing and quality of life.

Dr. Katie Newton

Dr. Katie Newton is one of few in the state, and the only in Columbia, certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Dr. Newton obtained her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker University in 2015, and the AVCA certification in 2016. She has worked with animals for over 15 years. Her experience ranges from dog training, canine hydrotherapy and Doga to volunteering in shelters, working in a vet clinic, and now as a chiropractor for animals. Dr. Newton worked as a veterinary assistance during her time as a chiropractic student. She has had the honor of helping many different animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, pigs, and horses. She has served the Columbia area going on 4 years. She is Mom to 3, her 1-year-old daughter, 13-year-old dog, and 16-year-old cat. Dr. Newton chose chiropractic to help improve the lives of pets and their people by helping them feel and function better.

Dr. Kaitlyn Iulo

Dr. Kaitlyn Iulo earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in drawing from Clemson University and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating with honors. Dr. Iulo’s interest in wellness practices for people inspired her to pursue additional training in holistic and wellness options for pets. While training with mentors, she was amazed at the positive outcomes for animals treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, combined with Western medicine for conditions ranging from paralysis to kidney disease. Dr. Iulo founded Healing Touch Animal Acupuncture to bring these healing traditions to more patients and their families. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist through the renowned Chi University (formerly Chi Institute) and is currently pursuing certification in food therapy and Veterinary Spinal Manipulation. She lives in Hilton Head with her fiancée, Mike, 2 cats (Mr. Wilson and Pancakes), and German Shepherd, Fonzie.

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