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PETSinc volunteers are behind everything we do.

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Whether volunteering for dog walking, cleaning out animal housing, keeping our animals company and socializing, or fostering, our volunteers make it possible for us to accommodate and rescue the animals we do.

Please be aware that all volunteers must complete a MANDATORY Safety and Animal Handling Class before beginning their volunteer work. Please submit a copy of your filled-out volunteer application here, or email directly to o coordinate a time to attend.

The class fee is $20 and can be paid onsite via cash or card. 

Children may volunteer with supervision of an adult!

If your child is looking to for ways to help, they may do so with adult supervision. Unfortunately, no one under 18 years of age may volunteer without adult supervision. Minors between the ages of 10-17 may volunteer under the direct supervision of their parent(s) or guardian(s) after attending the MANDATORY Safety and Handling Class with their parent or guardian. A parent or guardian MUST be present with minors at all times.

The class fee is $20 and can be paid onsite via cash or card. 

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